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Palin, Bi Polar and still lactating!

This following blog was not written by me. Because I want to share and it to make sure you'll read it, I am attaching the link and also pasting on my blog in case you don't get a chance to go to the website. Made me laugh. I am new at blogging and do not know if their are rules to re posting someone else's written thoughts. However, I am again, letting you know that this is not my writing, but I share her thoughts!

I was also thinking. with all those kids...she was more than likely on maternity leave during her time in office. can you imagine what a hormonal mess she would have been pregnant? If she was a great public officer while she was pregnant she certainly will be a different woman after or vice versa Bah!

You've Got To Be Seriously Kidding Me!

Welcome to Sarah Palin is a Joke....seriously. When I found out that John McCain nominated this former airhead runnerup for the 1984 Miss Alaska pageant for Vice President of the United States, I just couldn't help myself. I had to purchase the domaine.

What we have here is the final act of the Peter Principle. I'm sure John McCain was far too busy to read the book while he was getting plastered at the 19th Hole to read the Peter Principle. Dr. Lawrence Peter was a full professor at USC during the 1950's. He wrote a series of books entitled The Peter Principle. His theory was that in any organization, people rise to the highest level of their own incompetence.

In other words, people who are filled with their own self-importance and suffer from grandiosity and feelings of grandeur, will project that to other people and be promoted and back stab their way to the top, entirely blind sighted and unaware that they are totally incompetent to handle the job. Once there, they will fail miserably and cause the collapse of the entire organization, like George Bush.

George Bush was never the creme of the crop at any university. George Bush is the idiot son of a former president, who was also an idiot. The United States is full of idiots filled with their own grandiosity. It's a nation without a figurehead therefore, it's every man for themselves. The United States isn't a democracy at all. It's tyranny of the majority and those in charge are the fat that rose to the top.

Bureaucracies and organizations, and world democracies are defective in that respect. They can't sustain themselves over time. The United States is going out of business. This is the hallmark event of a failing organization. The management team is floundering because they're incompetent to actually manage the United States. We see it all the time in business, especially on Wall Street. Companies hire the wrong CEO all day long and suffer from it later.

The economy of the United States is the stock price. Bear Stearns just crashed. Bear Stearns was a US Bank that was in business for over 100 years. Bear Stearn's stock went from $100 a share to $2.00 a share in a day. The stock price of the United States is going to be delisted.

I'm sick to death of the stupidity. I was very politically active in my lifetime. I was never successful at actually speaking directly to these stupid stupid people who run for office. I also have a lot of experience in Hollywood. They can't make it as celebs, so they run for office.

Beauty pageants have always been a single's event for noxious politicos. There's no better arm candy than a botox laden ex-beauty queen. Putting Sarah Palin anywhere near the White House is as close as it gets to Girls Gone Wild. She may as well pull up her T-shirt. Ever since her nomination, the comments from the popular media and their hand picked journalists have been "isn't she refreshing." The media found the buzzword a long time ago. Let's call her "refreshing".

I hope other working mothers aren't going to fall for this. Sarah Palin is an aging beauty queen. She's one of these women who always has to be the center of attention, has a big mouth, and lives on the laurels of her glory days.

This morning CNBC's Maria Bartelona, who sits like a hen on Wall Street talking about deep sea drilling with companies like RIG, complimented Sarah Palin as being well read, and gave her a thumbs up on her expertise on the environment simply because she knows the acreage of a drill site in Alaska. CNBC is about making money on investments. There is no journalist working at CNBC that ever took a class in environment studies.

Maria: Environmental Studies is an academic department at every major university. People spend their entire lives studying the effects of tampering with the environment.

Sarah Palin is a mouthpiece for an agenda. Sarah Palin is one of many refreshing new governors who are Federalists, not governors. They could give a shit for their home state. They're all out promoting the Federal agenda. That's why the Governor of Minnesota is a senior advisor to a Senator from Arizona.

This is a time when we have to reflect back on the original Constitutional Convention. There was a great debate where these gentlemen knocked their heads together trying to come up with a government. They just tossed the idea of democracy around but weren't that sure how to install one. Basing a government on popular vote wasn't considered a real good idea.

The emerging United States was a popular subject for British journalists who flocked here on every ship headed West. According to some of the entries in historic journals, the Revolutionaries were actually holding people hostage. It wasn't so much a revolution as it was a hijacking. Once they were in control of the population, they had to draw up a government and they were a little pressured on time.

So they took the theory of the British Constitution and actually wrote it down. The British Constitution isn't written down. It's a theory of civilization that relies heavily on the inherent goodness of every human being and the legal theory of contracts that emerged from the Magna Carta. I bet John McCain and Sarah Palin didn't know that. What the Founding Fathers did was set up the "Little Red Schoolhouse" version of the British Constitution.

The British knew that the United States would fail eventually because nobody who ever participated in the Revolution read History at Cambridge. They were politicos and opportunists. They drew up a theory of freedom and democracy for every man, then when back to their homes where their slaves cooked them dinner. They could have declared freedom for slaves the day they signed the Constitution.

If you look at the proportions of taking on the British Crown and getting your name on the hit list vs. freeing the slaves when you sign the Constitution, there was relatively little fallout in comparison. The repercussions of freeing slaves immediately after taking on the British Crown, are non-existent. You simply free the slaves and that's it. The fact that they didn't take the opportunity in 1776 to free the slaves, speaks to their reputation as civilized human beings. These were men who invoked God in their prayers and enslaved their fellow man.

They set up a faulty Constitution that didn't even protect the basic rights of every human being. Two hundred and fifty years later, the stupidity of the organization gives rise to the greatest stupidity it's ever seen. A beauty queen with a college degree who can't figure out if she's going to stay home and raise her children, or run around the planet promoting herself as a world leader.

The argument of the Convention was basically that people on the whole, are incapable of voting in their own best interest. That's referred to as the Tyranny of the Majority. It sounds good, but in fact, people on the whole are naive when it comes to belief. People will believe anything. People have made fortunes on the false beliefs of others. Popular vote was never considered an effective way to determine leadership. (Rousseau's "Social Contract")

Lots of unqualified people will gladly step up and run for office. That's called "opportunism". There are people out there who are clearly not qualified to hold public office, but they seek out the "opportunity" when it's offered. People like Sarah Palin clearly will take any opportunity to hold themselves out as qualified, when in fact, she is not. She actually believes she is qualified. It's a psychosis. If she faces the fact that she isn't qualified in any clinical setting, she'll lose her confidence. Confidence is the key. People who are over-confident are in fact, afraid of confronting their own inadequacies.

Sarah Palin was elected Governor of Alaska in a popularity contest. She lives in a place where everyone is exactly like Sarah Palin. In theory, any of them could have elected themselves governor.

Many people are elected Governor in the United States, and have relatively little to back it up, like academic credentials for instance. You send your children to schools and colleges to get an education. It's hard to get a college degree. It's even harder to get a law degree or a PhD in Philosophy.

In civilized countries, we generally look toward colleges and universities for our leaders. I have a college degree too. Lots of people have college degrees. Sarah Palin saw her college degree as a free ticket instead of a diploma. Real academics pursue their graduate degrees and go on to actually contribute.

Being Governor of any State is a fairly easy mission to accomplish. All you need is high profile backing. Show up at all the charity events or stage yourself in a setting with the popular media. Hulk Hogan did it.

Here in California, we are burdened with an Austrian nut job who went to Santa Monica City College then transferred to a 4 year school and got a degree in Economics. Don't quote me, I'm not sure exactly what he got his degree in. Then he married not the brightest Kennedy in the bunch and next thing we know, he's flying in his private jet back and forth from Hollywood to Sacramento puffing on his cigars.

The State of California can't meet it's own budget. They are firing teachers right and left, cutting back education, and the State employees were told they get minimum wage. They had a walk-out at the Dept. of Motor Vehicles for a few days so nobody could register their car. California is a mess, but of course, it's always been a mess.

People will always step forward that are not qualified, but in their own minds, they are the star of their own reality TV show. The Presidency is not a reality TV show. The only reason Sarah Palin is even the Governor, is that she has the high profile glamour of a rootin' tootin' woman who can drink any man under the table, and gall-durn it, she's a heck of a gal who can shoot a moose and crack open a bottle of beer with her teeth. Lumberjacks and bikers love a woman who can get dirty.

Women know other women. Men don't know women the way women know women. As girls, we all played with each other. We know who isn't playing with a straight deck by the time we get to high school. I met a lot of Sarah Palins. These type of women bat their eyelashes and run people over with a steamroller. They're always in charge of somebody or something. They are the stor of their own hit Broadway extravaganza. Sarah Palin is smiling with her pearly whites and warming up her steamroller.

Sarah Palin isn't sure what she wants. First she wanted to be a beauty queen, and then she was an Indian Princess, and then she's shooting moose. She obviously read that hallmark of American literature "Call of the Wild" and paddled her canoe up into the Bering Straits, and the next thing you know, she's off on her next bi-polar adventure.

Lady, if you want a political career, try to target your life to it. At least have a little decorum about it. Condoleeza went to Stanford and plays a half decent piano concerto. She didn't run out and have kids and take on a family, then show up at the Hague with a diaper bag and ask her kids to wait in the car. Lady, choose something and try to stick with it. You're taking the "World Peace" tag line from every beauty pageant a little too far.

When I saw her husband and children for the first time, the husband looked henpecked and disoriented, the children looked like they wanted to ask mom to come home. Sarah Palin is a wack job at everything she does. If she really was a mother in the tradition of mothers, she wouldn't drag her children into an uncomfortable arena where their lives are first of all, guarded by the secret service, and second, where their own mother is the star of her own show. Sarah Palin is the worst possible example of a loving mother.

No loving mother packs up her son and sends him into a war zone with a kiss on the cheek and have a nice day. No loving mother grandstands herself and sends her son off to war for a few bonus points with the public. Sending your son off to war is a personal affair not a media event. Sarah Palin makes me vomit.

Sarah Palin is waiting for her tiara and roses at the end of the runway. "There she is......Miss Vice President.....". Sarah Palin is at the very best, the best example of the Peter Principle; a person who rose to the highest levels of her incompetence and intends to take it straight to the moon where every lunatic goes on their own honeymoon. Sarah Palin is truly Gone With The Wind, the spoiled brat daughter of the Confederacy.

More to Come.

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