Monday, September 1, 2008


I just can not find the words to express my utter shock with Palins anouncement today. I plan on doing more research on her stance with traditional American Values but certainly they can not condone a working mom of 5 running a state while her daughter is making whoopi! I do feel her pain as a mother and human being since this has to be hard for her and her family. But, while I am pro choice and would SADLY support my child in her decision, I would have to question what I did wrong in guiding her decision to have sex in the fisrt place. ( I am a mother of 4 daughters! 4!!!) I am scared to death for their impending teen years. I was not a perfect obiding child myself. I made many, many mistakes and bad bad choices in my teen years (hell, I should run for office) and that is what drives me to be a stronger mother than I probably would have been if I had't gone through so much! Never thought my bad decisions would make me a better mother. I sit her and think, Wow, I sacraficed myself without even knowing it would make me a stronger person!1

I vow to be very involved with every aspect that I can possibly be in my childrens teen years. (parenting does not stop at 18, parenting is the job of a lifetime) It is my responsibility to be there for my children. It doesnt stop in pre school and hell I gets harder every year. I keep my children close, VERY CLOSE. I will keep them as close as I can for as long as I can! I know, I may smother them, and thats not Ok either. Hell, I sit hear and think...can I be so certain. No. I can't. But if something happened...

Somewhere, I have failed. Oh yeah, their dad would have been a part of that failure too! Im not taking all the heat! No way! lol

While I agree not every child is is the same nor easy to parent, I also agree I can not control every decision they make. I find it odd, that in living in a traditional family loving home, close knit and very aware of my mothers stance on pre marital sex, that this child could have been listening to her own mother. Who was guiding her? Who was she listening to while her mother was education her classmates on abstinace? Blah!

Let me break here for a minute!

Jesus! let me make a quick point! As I am trying to write this, my 3 year old is sitting next to me on the bed, pretending she is reading her 11 year old sisters "American's Girls" series of books on "A Smart Girls Guide to Boys' LMAO. And she is reading out loud in my ear! No, she can't read, she is making things up as she goes a long with her finger. I love that she loves books and is trying. HOWEVER! We just got home from San Francisco, 4 hours in the car, she slept all the way home. It is 8:40 pm, she will not sleep until 11 pm! I am exhausted, she is talking non stop and I can not gather my thoughts enough to write a simple blog on my personal feelings. UHHHH! I asked her 3 times, to "shhhhhhhhhhhhh, mommy is reading too"! She is telling me "I can read too! I'm BIG"!!!! in her snotty little know it all way, ( I adore her, I do)

UGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH, I want to write my thoughts, I can't focus! GODDDDDDDDDD! SHHHHHHHHHH, I love her, but she talks all day!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If her sisters aren't here...who is her playmate? You got it! ME!!!!! And if my 3 others were here, maybe they would entertain eachother. (except for the predictable 15 minute interludes of arguments I have to help solve of course) So hmmm...Are you kidding me? Imagine me trying to make an executive decision! Ha, my husband constantly gets confused on who I am talking to when I have a household full of 5 people trying to get my attention at the same time. Yeah, I manage. But when I do, I respond and no one knows which one I'm talking to. So, occasionally, I get "well, you said yes!" When actually I didn't I was talking to the other little monster next to you! Lol, Wow!

Will Palin allow someone else to raise her children? VP is no 9-5 job! She isnt going home for dinner, baths and homework! Her job would be 24/7 for the next 4 years possibly. Who else has worked from home while raising children....What a joke this is?

I bet my husband that she will resign. Not on her terms, of course. Mc Cain can not take back his decision to save face (and his own presidential vote) I betcha she will be "forced" to sep back and allow another VP choice! At least I hope for the Republican party. For the Democratic party...lets hope che satys long enough to debate Biden! Lol

Her poor family. I actually feel sorry for her! I feel pity for her! I don't think she thought it through before she accepted or maybe with all the hormones she is experiencing she thought she could actually do it!

Blah, off to make Mac n Cheese! AND THAT IS AN EXECUTIVE DESICION

Good night folks, and God Bless! :P