Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Jewish. A religion or a race? Jewish egg Doners needed!!

Body: I have had so many debates about this question with so many people. For YEARS I assumed being Jewish, knowingly a religion, was also a race. Reason being, is simply how people and the Jewish community refer to others and themselves. Saying things like, "I have a Jewish family", "I met a nice Jewish boy' "This is food typical of Jewish people", The best one...and forgive my stereotypical comment, but here it goes...

"He/She looks Jewish.
" "Look at her hair, her eyes, her nose, she is definitely Jewish!" "I don't know who it was but they were Jewish"

That to me, sounds like ethnicity not a religion. I am sure we can all stereotype religions, but the whole, she "looks Jewish to me" refers to physical features not clothing, accessories, etc.. So again, confusing!!!

I refer to people, if I have to, by many different aspects and sometimes that would be by race. But, never really religion unless the fact of their religion is relevant. I would never say.. LOL.I cant imagine saying, "Oh that nice catholic woman said hi!" " The Buddhist man is so nice.
" "That guy you know, the Mormon over there!" Even, "OH my GOD! I met a HOTT Catholic guy yesterday!" or " I met this hot, tall, dark and handsome, (cause there is no other type of hot man, lol) Greek" I would probably refer to him just as a "Greek guy!" (I'm just giving examples people! lol )

So Again , I researched and found that NO!!!
Being "Jewish" is only a religion. However, I have attached the definition and explanation to help understand the confusion. And, after reading this, I can understand why myself and others are confused.

Being Jewish is not a race

Being Jewish is not a race because Jews do not share one common ancestry or biological distinction. People of many different races have become Jewish people over the years.

Being Jewish is not a nationality

Being Jewish is not a nationality because Jews have been dispersed throughout the world for almost two thousand years. People of many different nationalities are Jewish.

Being Jewish is like being a citizen of a religious movement

Being Jewish means you are a part of a religious movement. However, the great majority of Jews become a part of the religious movement through birth and not due to their beliefs or actions. In this way, being Jewish is like being a citizen of a religious movement.

A Jewish identity is automatically bestowed on the babies of Jewish mothers (according to Orthodox and Conservative Judaism) and of Jewish mothers or fathers (according to Reform Judaism). This Jewish identity stays with them throughout life even if they don't actively practice Judaism.

If a person is not born Jewish, he/she can undergo the process of conversion to become a Jew. A person who was not born Jewish or has not gone through the conversion process is not considered a Jew even if he or she believes in Judaism and observes Jewish practices. The conversion process is very meaningful because it is the only way for a non-Jew to become Jewish.

Having said all this...HOW COME I READ AN AD today


HUH? Maybe EVEN THEY are confused? If it's not a race and it's coming from a doner...how can they assure the egg is from a Jewish family and what difference would it make? Being Jewish as stated above is in this way:

Being "Jewish" is like being a citizen of a religious movement.

I am a mother of 4. Being raised, say Catholic, does NOT guarantee my child will come out screaming Hail Mary and suck on a ROSARY. SO a Chinese or Polish but Jewish doner is ok? Are thy sure? I am not sure they are thinking of this factor! And if I, blonde hair blue eyes, (bleach blonde, shut up!) walked in and said I am a Jewish woman and would like to donate my eggs? Is that ok? Also, If also the doners are "private" how does it become a part of the religious movement? Jews become a part of the religious movement through birth and not due to their beliefs or actions. I guess it is due to being adopted to the new Jewish family. But again, it isn't a race...does RACE of the Jewish family matter? I think that is more my question.
Can it be an African american Jewish doner?

Maybe I'll just call and ask...hmmmm? Maybe I should.
Then I could update ya'll as to the outcome of our conversation! Get some insight!

If ANYONE has a thought as to why having a JEWISH egg doner is actually necessary...can you please share? The only thing I can think of is that the adoptive family can assure their adoptive baby did not eat pork and was being cared for by a mother who followed a Kosher diet.
Again, I'm confused!

All in fun of course!

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