Sunday, October 12, 2008


I'm to tired to proof read or spell check so this blog 'is what it is" Read my point rather than try to pick apart my grammar, lol

I really wish we could have a way to test voters on the issues and on the candidates before we allowed them to vote.

Forgive me, I may not be the smartest individual, in fact I am pretty far from smart at all. However, I am starting to realize that there are far too many "powerfully ignorant" people in this world dumber than me! The fact we are merely allowing individuals to exercise their right to vote now scares the HELL out of me. Basically any US citizen over 18 can vote. I am OK with that and that isn't my point. My point is, many people shed their blood to allow us this right. But they also shed that same blood so we could make informed decisions thus allowing us to exercise that very same right... the right to VOTE. Why would they do this in order to cast a ballot unless casting that ballots issue was the actual entire reason for giving us the right to vote at all?

Here is an example a 3 year old could understand:
Why would I fight for someone, so that they could go buy a ticket to a movie unless they could actually watch and enjoy it? Handing someone a ticket to go to the movies but just standing there staring at the next guy is pointless. It's not the TICKET (the right to cast a ballet, to VOTE) that's the "right" It is the right to actually reap the benefits of getting that ticket. (watching the movie)
Without the benefits of that movie ticket, the ticket is useless. And as is our RIGHT TO VOTE if we don't understand what we are voting for (thus reaping the benefits of our movie)
(was that a bad example? yeah probably, but I'm tired and writing in circles) If you get my point and want to suggest a better example, PLEASE let me know.

Because we are trying to get this entire Country involved in this years election and the fact that we are BEGGING ANYONE to vote is more harmful than helpful. I think that AN IGNORANT vote is as harmful as not voting at all!

Because this country and its officials know that we tend to base facts on false information, our "oh so different" and FAKE, YES FAKE religious beliefs not to mention, "WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK" is so bothersome. I feel we should implement a new law (and I have no idea how or what that would be) that makes everyone take test on bills, propositions, officials, etc before we cast our vote. I really don't have the entire solution figured out at the moment, but somehow their has to be a way that assures each voter can at least comprehend what they are voting for!

OH CRAP, yeah! That's an entire new issue. We have the facts. No one reads them! And, what's that inside each fact is a load of BULL SHIT to candy coat the actual issue at hand. Wow, guess there is no solution. Unless you are smart enough to pick it apart and pull out and research each issue, and I'll admit, is almost impossible to do at times, you can't make an informed decision!

You know, this realization came to me the first time in VEGAS out of all places. I always knew their were ignorant people who just base their opinion because they are DUMB but it wasn't until this trip where the light went back on. In Vegas, I met, at the pool, in our bathing suits, sipping mojito's, a cute girl from Wisconsin. I noticed her cute tattoo on the back of her neck of sissor's. (implying she was a cosmetologist) After complimenting it we started chit chatting. Joe was telling her how much I really wanted to do hair for a living as it is my passion. She had a tiny diamond nose stud as well and some pretty nice size implants too, lol..

We started talking about random things but then somehow politics came up. She said that she really liked Obama's campaign so far but unfortunately she JUST CAN"T EVER IMAGINE VOTING FOR A BLACK MAN. WHAOOOOOOOOAAA HUHHHHHHHHHHHHH? WHAT? Are Fricken kidding me? Wasn't this an issue early on in the campaign? Wasn't this an issue that somehow I even forgot WAS AN ISSUE? I guess I forgot he was black because I am now so incredibly focused on the current economic crisis of our country. Is it because we live in California and a metropolitan city? I mean, she is from Wisconsin. BUT SHE HAD TATTOOS< class="blsp-spelling-corrected" id="SPELLING_ERROR_24">PIERCING AND FAKE BOOBS! She certainly wasn't the ultra conservative woman who I could expected this ignorance from. She was a wife and mother of 2 or 3 boys who owns a salon and was on a trip with all girls in Vegas. She also said a lot of her friends who were gay, moved away because it isn't accepted in her City/State to be gay. She said she didn't have a problem with them being gay but that is JUST HOW IT IS THERE!!! She said too, that her family would never allow a "black man" in office.

Wow. I am ignorant too I guess. I really thought very, very few people still made that a valid point when determining their decision. I'm sad because people still think this way. But, I think I am more sad because I FORGOT how big the U.S. is and how many backward thinking people are out there. Being in California I forget that there is a higher % of people in other states that agree with this girl and her family. what makes me sadder than that is, she will base her vote, which will affect me and you, her and her family, on issues she does not TRULY and HONESTLY feel are right. She would rather continue to "oppress" our Country by basing her vote on those around her because she is to afraid to stand up and say what she really feels. She won't try to educate others on her views as they so willingly force on her and SHE WILL NOT EVEN GO BEHIND A CLOSED CURTAIN IN PRIVACY and vote for what she believes in because she is afraid to against the majority! I kinda want to smack her right now :P

I can assure you who read this that though you and I may have different views, I Tell you my true feelings and opinions. I base those feeling and opinions on FACTS people You can debate me and I am always open to that. Just know I am not afraid of expressing myself as so many others are. I will not give you my ignorant opinion of false facts merely because the white old man next door, the lesbian down the street or the woman with AIDS told me to that I should "feel" that way. I can also assure you that I will not be voting because MTV told me to and I just felt the need to "Rock the VOTE"

I know that all I can do is now, is try my best to help this Country, its people and in fact this entire WORLD, (since every decision the US makes effect the rest of the world as we all know and Vice Verse) by Voting.

Do this WORLD a favor, don't bother voting unless you understand what you are truly voting for! Otherwise, the vote you almost didn't make, will hurt YOU more. Just Don't vote.

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MrBback said...

Unfortunately there are MANY who live here in our neck of the woods that look at Obama's skin color to form their opinion as well :( I argue with them all the time.