Saturday, October 11, 2008

Tot Mom, an eye for an eye

This should be on my e blog page but I could not help but to post here too!

My tv is either on children programing, VHI1, Comedy channel, E! or CNN. Now , I can't watch CNN much because after I watch all my world news and politics, this Caylee Anthony "Tot Mom" story comes on and I get physically ill. This tot mom ordeal really makes me want to vomit! I can not believe a person, human, let alone a MOTHER do this.

Regardless of a trial, this woman killed or sold her child. This is another Scott Peterson trial awaiting. (I remember exactly what I was doing when the breaking news came on about Lacy Peterson. When they told the only facts they knew, hrs after the initial call of her missing, I knew damn well that sick man killed her and their unborn child) Call it tuition or a sixth sense but I know and they STILL can't prove for FACT that he killed her.

Fortunately, but sometimes unfortunately we have a legal system we have to abide by. (Aren't their times we wish we didn't) It'sFUCKING obvious this mother had either sole responsibility in her disappearance or was an accomplice. All the facts that have come through, besides the DNA or sadly enough, the child's body, scream, "hey! I'm a sociopath. An evil, disgusting excuse for a human soul, splitting image of Satan himself" alone.

(wow, my spell check corrected me, when spelling SATAN, it requires a capital S, WTF! Even satan gets a capital? Well, ok, but that whore of a mother doesn't deserve a capital in her first name, that's for sure)

Anyone who sends their children away and does not acknowledge them or the fact they may be in danger (maybe even ummmmmmm......missing) does not deserve the title of a mother let alone anything but the death penalty.

If you don' want to be a mother as if this woman clearly has proven she decided she did not, please do the right thing and send them to someone who can. If I knew this woman, I have to all my eye for an eye. That bitch would not make it to trial.

Enough said, I'm going to go puke now...nite!


A Voice of Sanity said...

Scott Peterson would never have harmed his wife or his child. He would have died to protect either of them. Laci Peterson was killed by another woman for her baby. Peterson was convicted by the media, not by any facts. The police spent 20,000 hours - and found one hair and some cement mess, nothing else. No evidence of murder was ever found.
Most who believe Scott is guilty don't know what the evidence actually is and so misstate it. To save arguing it here, go look at
to see what the prosecution had - which was nonsense.
Then look at
to see what the real circumstantial evidence in this case actually proved.
18 items of evidence for fetal abduction.
Zero for uxoricide.

ready4change said...

I am always open to debate.

However, I did read the facts. He was also charged for her death based on the facts and DNA they did have.

You know, a voice of sanity, I have to question your blog user name as I am questioning your sanity at this very moment. I am not going to start a war of words or get overly upset. But I will respond since you did ask me to read your links.

I did. And I am not convinced not do I agree with anything in those links.

In life, there are times when all the facts are there and then there are times were there are only some and again others where there are none at all. That is why we have a charge for those instances when the guilty charge is based upon a reasonable doubt. We do have a decent legal system. It isn't flawless. I beleive their are a lot of innocent people falsely accused. AND I think a lot of guilty people are walking around free.

I live about 75 miles to where they lived and I also did read your Guilty/Innocent. I stayed close to this trial not just because it was all over the media or because I was a "neighbor" but because I could NOT beleive that this man could do this or get away with it.

He was found GUILTY based upon a reasonable doubt. I would have charged him guilty based upon the FACT that he did not give a flying FUCK about her. These facts were made clear by his ACTIONS before and after she was missing.

The fact that you said he would have died to protect her and their child makes me question again, your user name. Out of all the facts, one simple fact right back at you to counterpoint your statement is simply that he "FACT" had a girlfriend and was tapped on the phone. He told his girlfriend he was here and there. He told all sorts of lies while they were searching for his wife.

You are clearly ignorant to think that any man that would have died to save his wife and their unborn child would not be carrying on an affair with another woman let alone make up such outrageous lies while the police, not Scott was trying to find his wife.

The more I am writing to you the more of the facts of the trial is overwhelming me. I am getting more upset as i type and I could write a novel on how your comment to me is so far off the deep end that I have to stop myself.

I am just glad he was prosecuted. the facts speak for itself.

What are your thoughts on TOT MOM< in which I was blogging about in the first place. No body, but chloroform and a missing child whose mother is out buying lingerie. What are your thoughts on this?

A Voice of Sanity said...

First: there was no DNA found so no conviction could be based on this. In fact, despite spending 20,000 hours 'investigating' the police found nothing they did not find in the first few hours.
Second: no evidence of Scott's guilt could be found - anywhere - ever. What you quote as 'evidence' is not evidence of anything except bad taste. Real evidence is blood, a weapon, a body. The police found none of these.
Third: Laci Peterson's underwear prove Scott is innocent. Not one person on earth can explain their condition except by proving his innocence.

Your 'feelings' are mere hysteria. They have no validity as far as a criminal conviction is concerned. Until and unless someone, anyone, can point me to a chain of evidence which complies with the jury instructions for California I remain certain of Scott Peterson's innocence.
My posts on my website however are solid evidence of innocence. They are fully compliant with the jury instructions for California as to evidence and prove, in multiple ways, Scott Peterson's innocence. Laci was murdered by a woman. This you can take to the grave as the truth.
And I further point out that the prosecutors agree with me. Both in his closing, and in a later case, Distaso made it clear that he did not have the evidence to convict. That is one statement from him I believe.

As for the missing Caylee Anthony, yes, the mother's behavior is very troubling. Scott Peterson reported his wife missing in less than an hour. This is the action of an innocent man. Casey Anthony however has raised suspicion because there is no reason she would not report her child's loss unless she gave the child away, sold her, or is being blackmailed. No reasonable explanation comes to mind.

ready4change said...

I appreciate your "thought' as well.H however your link stating facts can not be taking seriously.

I am not sure why you feel compelled to stand up for Scott Peterson but as a human, I know we all feel at times, we need to speak out. Hence, why we are both debating these facts.

I have to tell you, you are incorrect on claiming my "facts' were not facts or "evidence" I did read the fact and your links. Again, I am confused why you would continue to stand by his innocence after what you have sent to me CLEARLY point out his guilt.

while you claim Your 'feelings' are mere hysteria. They have no validity as far as a criminal conviction is concerned" can be handed right back you.

I wonder...personally...are you somehow related to this man or hoping to free him so you can marry him? (that was a joke)

I'll have to leave my opinion out and in the hands of the legal system which lead him to his ultimate conviction.

I am very sorry, but your link did nothing more than remind me what a sick "guilty" man he is.