Thursday, August 28, 2008

A little about me...

I am loving, compassionate, genuine and trustworthy. I am loyal and I fight for what I beleive in. I don't take NO for an answer. I am learning that I am an overly trusting person to begin with and am more likely to be let down by people than not. I am an extrovert and very social. I can start and maintain meaningful conversations with almost any person in any situation at any time. I am hopeful and an optimist. I beleive people can change. I beleive we are all ready for a change!

I am not patient nor very forgiving, unless it is with my own children. I am ditsy and always have a million things on my mind at once. I am forgetful, yet extremely organized. Everything has to have it's place. My house is always spotless and must be in order before I go to bed. I am always planning and typically the one hosting, not typically...always, social events with friend and families. I hate driving. I am afraid of flying, but I manage. I refuse to go on a cruise as I have a fear my children will fall in the Ocean over the side of the ship or we will sink while we are sleeping. I can swim yet I am afraid of water in which I can not see through. I refuse to get old, but I have no choice in the matter. I work out, play tennis, jog, plates, anything that can keep me active as the years creep up and the metabolism slows down :( I'm simple. Little things make me happy. I don't need material things in life to define me or satisfy my insecurities. I truly feel, most people who feel the need to talk about their success and show it off through material things are the most unhappy. Modesty says so much more.
I am slowly finding out that not only education, but life experiences have taught me life's toughest lessons as well. I have a desire to learn about almost everything, but sometimes get discouraged when I can't comprehend. (it's a learning disability, lol) I don't apologize and I have a hard time communicating when it comes to my own personal faults...
I teach my children to be better than me and also that life isn't always fair. My children are spoiled only because they work hard at being amazingly wonderful children. so in a sense, I think they deserve it. Any other times..not so much!
They also know that what they get and receive in life is only because they earned it (lol)

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