Saturday, August 30, 2008

I never realized how much I cared~

After following watching McCain's ridiculous announcement for Vice President Palin, I was again, at a loss for words.

I am a mother. A Wife. A small business owner. I am not perfect nor guilt free. I am a semi liberal American. Yes, I am for Obama, only because I have educated my self about each candidate and Obama/Biden are the logical choices in my opinion. I am open for debate but ultimately, my decision has been made.

I am for women rights and equality. I believe we, as women are strong and can be effective leaders and do not ALWAYS run on raw emotions. However...I believe in certain instances, women are not always equal. I believe a woman could run the country given her experience dedication, beliefs and values. I feel Hillary could have been a great leader of the united States. I believe she is capable of so much more than she is given credit for. She has the experience and HER CHILD IS GROWN. Hillary took the hire road when her husband had an affair and mockery of their marriage. Who can do that? No it's not traditional and it was not right. But god damn, if she didn't publicly bash her husband, leave him, EC.. they say what doesn't kill you can make you stronger. she is one tough woman. That woman can run my Country!

Palin is no Hillary. Are you kidding me? Has McCain lost his marbles. While he figured it would be a smart move to choose this ultra conservative, woman, mother, wife, Governor of flippen ALASKA out of all states to regain the women voters, he just proved his inability to to make a sound decision for our Country. She just had her 5th child! My god, OK 5 children, but just gave birth. She certainly isn't getting a full nights sleep nor can we e sure her hormones are back to normal :whatever that is" As a Middle American, one can barley raise a family of 5 let alone have a mother and/or a father working full time. Based on the fact they are for strong family values, how can a mother of 5 raise a strong family while possibly acting as vice president...or worse President?!

McCain just turned 72~~~As VP, she would never be home! She'd be running all over the country, hell, the world! Where will her children be? Either home being raised by someone other than their MOTHER or worse, dragged around the Country, world! Maybe they will be running around the White House! How will she balance family, motherhood and work? Shit! I can hardly work an 8 hour day with my children! Funny, as Michelle Obama is working to help working mothers of America balance. LOL, maybe she can give Palin some good advice. Like stepping down and being a mother.

Let my child have a meltdown and I am off to the office in a fowl mood taking out on the next person that says hello! How can she possibly be an effective mother at this most important time in her children's lives. Her children are young and regardless of anything elsse, the fact is she is busy and I can guaruntee you she will be an unstable mess. I am sure this woman means well, but I don't think she is the ideal running mate. I feel McCain made a horrible decision and I think it will hurt her and her family as well as the American people if elected.

Again, I am a mother and I am for women's rights and working moms. However, Vice President of Bank of America or is a tad different than VP of America.

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